Areas of Expertise

Sales Prospecting & Growth Strategy

You need more sales and FAST! I wish it was truly as simple as the social media highlight reel makes it seem. It's the frustrating illusion of instant success that blocks us from moving forward and we will stop this mindset dead in its tracks. Don't be fooled, sales is a game of active participation and proactive planning. This coaching program will

  • help you identify your ideal client and where they exist in the marketplace

  • create initiatives that get your business in front of your ideal client

  • design a plan adressing how you will interact with them to close the deal and get more sales

  • teach you how to nurture relationships that qualify you as a trusted resource & partner which will lead to more referrals/sales

Stop feeling stuck! I will train you so that you will enter meetings with confidence and a plan of action which is a sale. No more winging it or wondering what happens next. Take control of your sales process and move prospects through the sales cycle quicker and more effectively.

Client Experience

Do your clients love working with you? How does your business and processes relate to them? What do you do to elevate your clients experience?

Designed with your customer and business practices in mind, we will answer those questions and many more. These strategy sessions will


  • teach you to identify your clients needs quicker

  • match the needs of each client,often referred to as pain points, to your product or service

  • quickly get to "YES" and close the sale faster

  • identify the type of person you are working with so that you can create a bespoke and crafted offering for each client that is tailored to your brand and core values

With a mapped out client experience sales process, you and your staff can grow along with the business and fast changing times. After all, success is rooted in the best systems and practices along with agility and personalization.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Simple Goals: More sales with more customers AND more sales with the same customers.


Acquisition and Retention is all about


  • teaching you the proper techniques that will allow for you to mirror what the buyer is feeling and thinking, leading to sales 

  • helping you create an atmosphere of understanding, comfort and rapport that makes you a trusted advisor to your clients during the purchasing process and after

  • becoming the only resource and familiar voice in a very noisy world

  • making more money per hour with the same customers

Let your brand and the story behind your "why" be the staple that connects your clients to your business and cultivates a lifetime of brand loyalty and purchasing power. It's time to get the RIGHT customers and KEEP them! I may not have the power to add more hours to your day, but I do know the secret to adding more dollars to your hours.

My Approach

My Approach

Traditional sales tactics SUCK! Yep, I said it...salespeople hate them, customers see right through them and the 'old' way no longer is working in our highly informed, instant gratification and high tech world.


Let's start fresh, with a new perspective and fix your problems! My desire is to become part of your business and an extension of your growth plan. I will teach you to master of the art of connecting with and understanding your ideal customer and the thought process behind 'buying.' Gone are the days of high-pressure selling and HERE are the days of intentional customer interaction.

I will teach you the gift of insight into your ideal clients mind set and combine this with a customer-centric understanding and true connection to filling your buyer’s needs. These techniques are designed to help you grow sales and close business faster. One to one or through a team training, I will show you how to connect with each client by assessing and approaching each sales opportunity differently yet with a solid process to ensure a positive outcome. 

Need more clients that are the right fit? Let's go find them and more importantly, let's create a reason for them to do business with you again and again!

Let's Do This... Let's Work Together!

-Deep Dive Power Hour Meetings

-Weekly Sales & Business Mentoring Services

-Expertise Development Sessions

-Onsite Mentoring, Intensive and Workshops