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“Katie has excellent insight regarding business management with a sales & marketing emphasis. She is able to eloquently articulate business situations in terms that my team understood and could immediately act upon.  In addition to being a future thinking and visionary, she is able to help her clients aim high. Since we began working with Katie, our closing rate has increased by 30%. If you want to take your company to the next level, you should be speaking with Katie. ”

-Small Business Owner with 5 employees

— Photographer, booked 2 power hours in the same week

Katie Easley

  • Have you ever wanted to know how I took a small business from $11k in annual sales to $250k in under 18 months?  Ask Me.

  • Want help with a better sales process for your company with over 100 employees and multiple locations? Yep, done that too.

  • With a few simple sales & operational tweaks, I helped a struggling business increase sales YOY by 39% in less 90 days. Easy Peasy!

          *we also decreased COGS during this time by 12% 

  • In ONE month, with ONE correctly worded email to clients, we DOUBLED retail sales and have been consistently doing so.


What are you waiting for???

Take the first step, message me and let's see if we are a good match to build your dreams and reach your goals. With a plan to achieve success, we can:

  • grow sales faster than you ever thought possible

  • see how your processes are slowing you down

  • learn the three simple steps to closing more deals 

  • change your mindset and get better results

  • learn to deviate from the norm to achieve progress


I truly believe I was put on this earth with a set of unique and special talents that allow for me to be exceptional in sales. Where most people panic, I am a rock star! Creative in nature, I simply view things differently with a mix of left and right brain. My passion comes from a desire to understand what makes one sales person stand out from the rest of the team or an industry, often delivering exceptional and consistent performance while others battle to reach their target or worse, don't reach their sales objective at all. 

Personalized Strategy Sessions

  • Sales Focused Power Hour Sessions

  • Deep Dive Analysis Paired with Monthly Mentoring

  •  Ongoing Weekly Sales & Customer Service Consulting

  •  Onsite Intensive for Individuals or Staff Training

Small Group Sessions




Speaking Engagements 



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